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Volunteer Opportunities

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion:

Volunteer opportunities are available to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.   You may assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion at weekend masses or by taking Holy Communion to those who are homebound.  This is a most honorable volunteer position in serving our Lord.

Lector Ministry:

If you read well in a public setting, this may be the perfect volunteer position for you.  Spreading the word of God for all to hear at weekend masses is a wonderful way to serve God and our parish community.  

Music Ministry:

The music ministry offers a variety of options for parishioners who wish to praise God through music.  Music ministry volunteer opportunities range from singing as a member of the adult choir or leading the congregation through song as a cantor at one of the weekend masses.  For more information, please contact the director of the music ministry or the Administrative Center.

Altar Servers:

Parishioners interested in assisting our priests at weekend masses as an altar server are encouraged to do so.  You must have received the sacrament of Holy Communion to serve.

Hospitality Ministry:

Opportunities to serve our parishioners and visiting members of the Catholic Church include greeting those attending as they enter, assisting in offertory collections, presenting the gifts to the priest, and distributing our weekly church bulletin.  


The transportation ministry offers parishioners a chance to volunteer to drive elderly or homebound parishioners to weekend masses, using our parish van.  This enables those parishioners to participate in worshiping God with our parish community.   You may also volunteer to drive parishioners during the festival from parking lots to the festival grounds.


Volunteers are needed to clean the churches and facilities every week.


Volunteer positions are available to help beautify the church grounds.  Opportunities include planting and watering flowers, weeding flower beds, trimming shrubs, or cutting grass.  What a beautiful way to show God's creations in and around our parish.