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The Sacrament of Matrimony is a living reflection of God's love.  The bride and groom mirror that image of love to all God's people as they live out this Christian vocation.  Couples preparing for this vocation need a clear vision of the Sacrament of Matrimony in their lives as Christian spouses, and an orientation regarding the principle areas of family living. 

We believe that there are three areas of sensitivity and responsibility to every wedding.  They are the Spiritual, the Civil, and the Social.  The Spiritual, the Sacramental Celebration of Matrimony is our primary concern.  We reserve that to ourselves to be worked out with you as the bride and groom.  While we are confident that your wedding will be a joyful celebration for you and your families, it must also be an expression of faith within a ceremony appropriate for a church setting.   It is our hope that your preparation for the wedding which last a day will not overshadow your commitment to marriage which lasts a lifetime.  To explore the possibility of having your wedding celebrated at Holy Wisdom Parish, call 412-231-1116.